Thursday, September 17, 2009


M snapped this as I was dressing to go to a burlesque workshop; I had a leotard on underneath, although as it turned out this was a mistake, since I only had to peel it down and go bare-breasted anyway. Those are the shoes that someone said I'd "never get laid in."


M took this on a typical weekday morning. His work schedule's been erratic for so long that it's hard to pinpoint a date when I would have been wearing this and he was around...I'm guessing this spring, since the apartment holds cold and you need a sweater until it's really warm. As to the jumpsuit itself, I bought that while I worked at the shop, and continued to wear it every time we had a sale: they're made for work after all, and it's not as though we had time to visit the bathroom. It's obviously kind of ridiculous, but I love it. It's made by the late-lamented Deener, by the way, one of the few lines designed by a petite woman. Oh, you know what, this must have been early June, because that picture on the wall came from my Memorial Day trip to Virginia. The jumble of bags at the top of the stairs is typical. Those shoes, by the way, I bought when I was single, for a date with a very tall grownup. Yeah, that wasn't meant to be.